Hello Matcha! Kicking the Coffee Habit.

If you told me a few months ago that I wouldn’t be starting everyday with at least one coffee, I would have called you crazy. I used to be so addicted to that morning buzz but I always found my body would crave another coffee only a few hours later, especially after a busy day in the office.

On a trip to Japan, I discovered something ‘matcha’ better that gave me a smooth, long lasting and anxiety free buzz. Throughout Japan, I basically lived on Matcha so I was devastated when I returned home to Sydney and it wasn’t so easily available.

Matcha is basically green tea on steroids meaning you get even more benefits in this green powder than 10x a regular cup of green tea. Unlike normal green tea, however, Matcha grounds all of the tea leaves together to ensure none of the nutritional benefits are left behind.

Studies have found that by doing this the concentration of the antioxidants is over 100 times higher than normal green tea alone. The unique growing, harvesting and preparation processes increases the levels of L-Theanine an amino acid that helps balance and break down caffeine.
L-Theanine is also known to stimulate your mind and helps to increase both your focus as well as your concentration. put simply, your energy levels increase but your mind is clear and your body doesn’t suffer the normal caffeine rush or crash.

I used to find after having a coffee, my body would go into over drive and although I would feel more energised, my thoughts were still scattered and my heart would often race. With Matcha, I am now enjoying constant and long lasting energy without the crash and vicious cycle of craving my afternoon coffee hit. My mind is clear and my body no longer feels that temporary ‘rush’ and inevitable crash.

Not only is Matcha great for your body but it is a versatile ingredient. Until our stock arrives, all of us at Lil Matcha have been experimenting with remaining Matcha samples to create recipes, coffees and home beauty treatments to ensure we have been taking full advantage of all this super product has to offer and we look forward to sharing all of this and matcha more with you all very soon! 😁

Stay tuned x



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